Estethic rehabilitation of anterior primary teeth in pediatric dentistry

Nicoleta Van Gelder/ HappydentClinicJunior/ Cluj Napoca, tel: 0745140151

English Summary/Clinical cases

Early childhood caries is a serious public health problem in disadvantaged communities where malnutrition habits are common. An acceptable treatment approach for early childhood caries in the past may not necessarily be the best treatment option for our young patients today.

Maintenance of primary dentition in a healthy condition is important for the well-being of the child as far as proper masticatory, esthetics, phonetics, space maintenance, and prevention of aberrant habits are concerned. The esthetic restoration of severely mutilated anterior primary teeth has been for long a challenge to a pediatric dentist, not only because of the available materials and techniques, but also from the point of view of pediatric patients, who are usually among the youngest and least manageable group.

Inadequate esthetic options in addition to the severity of the condition have prompted extraction in most of the cases; Anterior primary teeth, when grossly decayed, lack a coronal structure, leading to decreased support and adhesion for different approaches.

A „short post technique” which requires root canal treatment and a short composite post using resin based composites, cements and bonding 3Mespe and preformed crowns Frasaco and glassfibre-reinforced composite posts is presented .

This study presents two clinical case reports where composite resin, reinforced with glassfibre-reinforced composite post used as intra-canal post to restore mutilated primary anterior teeth.

The two clinical cases are presented a selection of case studies solved using own optimized Pediatric modern techniques that belong to domains:  Esthetic rehabilitation/Endodontics (IDR), biomaterials, Minimally-invasive Dentistry. Endodontic treatment followed immediately or during the second session of corono-radicular reconstruction from pivots armati composite with fiber glass and strengthened with composite/3 m Espe adhesives and cements and capa conformatoare Frasaco demonstrates through images and results reliability method and attract attention of professionals on the treatment two or more organizers of classical techniques of anterior teeth.

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