Mothers, fathers, look often closely at your children’s teeth … and beyond!

Message Congress of the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is: take care of your child early and starting with you!

Paraphrasing this message for parents, this means basically these:


  1. Mother – your oral health and your family counts for your child.
  • It matter even during pregnancy .
  • Its matters after birth. One of the biggest risk factors for caries is the presence of cavities in young baby in the mother’s mouth .
  • Moreover health matters entire family and the entire entourage

2.Mother-often and closely supervise your child’s teeth early

  • Caries process can start as soon as the first milk teeth erupt. Your child may begin to have cavities still from 5-9 months. To prevent this process to happen it is important to clean the baby’s mouth after every meal, as early as 4 months.

You may request from time to time visit the home of a dentist or visit it as soon as possible!

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