Sleeper One- a must have CAIO in every Paediatric Dentistry office

Aim: We assesed  retrospectively the efficacy  of computer assisted intraosseous anaesthesia (CAIO) without rotation in young children and temporary teeth using  Sleeper One.

Methods. In a retrospective study , CAIO-Sleeper One  was evaluated in young children -HappydentClinicJunior& Family patients- for restorative and endodontic treatments, uncomplicated temporary tooth extractions using Ubistesine  articaine 4%, epinephrine 1/200 000. Anaesthesia was performed in children who showed enough compliance (score of 0-3 according to modified behaviour Venham scale). Anaesthetic success, the onset, duration, amount of anaesthetic solution as well as need of complementary injection was assessed.

Results: In HappydentClinicJunior& Family a total of 1290 consecutive sessions were performed on 423 patients aged 6,1±2,9 years with 780 teeth involved. The overal succes rate was 97,8%.

Conclusions: CAIO-Sleeper One is a  valuable alternative to usual/old and classical infiltration techniques in Paediatric dentistry regarding anesthetic success, onset, duration.

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